Frequently Asked Questions About Wine-Rx

What is Wine-Rx?

Wine-Rx is a natural anti-aging formula for people who want to live longer and healthier life.

Is Wine-Rx Right for Me?

Most people start experiencing the negative signs of aging after they reach their 25th birthday. Wine-Rx is right for people who want to feel and look younger than their biological age.

Are you experiencing any of these signs of aging?

  • Getting wrinkles
  • Getting gray hair
  • Losing energy and strength
  • Losing hair
  • Muscle mass decrease
  • Difficulty to maintain healthy weight
  • Sexual desire decrease
  • Blood pressure increase
  • Deteriorating eyesight

If you answered yes, Wine-Rx™ is right for you!

Is Wine-Rx Safe?

Yes, absolutely! Wine-Rx contains only natural non-toxic ingredients. It's much safer and more gentle than traditional prescription drugs. Before taking it, however, consult your health care professional especially if you are taking any prescription medication or have a serious medical condition.

How Soon Can I See Results?

In most cases, you should start seeing positive results after about 3 to 5 weeks of taking daily dose. Everyone is different, so individual results vary. Some people start feeling more energy, some see skin improvment, some experience better metabolism and weight loss while others see grey hair reduction.

What Scientific Evidence Exists to Prove Wine-Rx's Effectiveness?

Wine-Rx is based on 31 scientific trials and laboratory tests. It loaded with a high dose of super antioxidants. Research have shown that these ingredients are effective in slowing down the aging process and protecting human body from diseases. This natural matrix of ingredients is combined into powerful anti-aging formula.
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Clinical Studies and References

When Will I Receive My Wine-Rx Order?

We ship from our Toledo, Ohio warehouse on the same business day if your order is received before 3:00PM EST. Otherwise, your order will be shipped out the next business day. We ship by USPS, Fedex or UPS.

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Based on the latest research Wine-Rx is Formulated to

  • Slow Down the Aging Process
  • Make Your Skin Look Young
  • Normalize Your Weight
  • Protect Your DNA from Free Radicals
  • Help Protect Your Body from Cancer
  • Look and Feel Younger than Your Biological Age